Ontario Youth Segregation Class Action

Important Dates



August 26, 2022

Claims Deadline


October 14, 2021

Settlement Approved


October 14, 2021

Settlement Approval Hearing


October 7, 2021

Deadline for Submitting an

Objection or Statement of Support

November 26, 2021


The Claims Period is now open.


A Settlement Agreement was approved by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on October 14, 2021.


Copies of the Settlement Agreement and related documents are available by clicking here.


The period to make a claim for compensation under the Settlement is now open and will run until August 26, 2022.


The only way to receive money from the Settlement is to submit a completed Claim Form and all supporting documentation to the Claims Administrator August 26, 2022.


Click here for more information about how to file a Claim.



November 3, 2021


Settlement Approval


The Ontario Superior Court of Justice approved the settlement agreement in this class action on October 14, 2021.  A copy of the decision regarding the settlement is available here.


More details regarding the settlement will be shared in the coming weeks following completion of the appeal period (31 days after approval) or any appeal(s) filed, whichever comes later.


The notice and claims process will not begin until after that time.  Please monitor this website for updates.


October 12, 2021


Settlement Approval Hearing - Virtual Hearing Details


The Settlement is subject to approval by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. The approval hearing has been scheduled for October 14, 2021 beginning at 10:00AM EST. The hearing will take place virtually, over Zoom.


To attend the settlement approval hearing, use this link:




Meeting ID: 634 8511 9620

Passcode: 119753


Please note that the hearing may be moved to different dates or times without additional notice. Please revisit this website or call the Ontario Youth Segregation Class Action Information Line in advance at 1-833-430-7538 if you are planning to attend.



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